Dec. 30th, 2009

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I'm infatuated with this red little monster. Facinated. In awe. I'm just amazed at how beautiful this thing can be. I've never looked at a car this way. In fact, I'm not really in to cars and I think most cars look all about the same. Except this beautiful thing. Sounds like i'm in love. With an inanimate object.

I would really love to meet someone who owns this. Maybe take a ride, go for a spin. That'll be awesome. Just taking a look at its interior can make me squeal like a crazy twilight fangirl. (As if taking secret snap shots of this thing on the roads isn't bad enough!)

One day, I know I'll own one of these. Driving 'round town with people I love. Embracing singlehood. Me, a powerful and successful Career woman. This will also be the only reason why I'll want a driving license. I know I won't like driving very much, but in the name of love, I will give it a shot!

Until then, I await the day I meet someone who owns a Mini Cooper and is willing to let me go for a drive.

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The word moolah. Why can't you just use the word in its actual meaning, "Money"? It's a letter less too.

Rude people, ie., people who asks for/given favours without saying please/thank you. Especially if he/she's a friend.

God forbid people who happily spell "weird" as "wierd" and think it's cool. (Includes Their vs They're. Your vs You're. Than vs Then)

Going to the ATM wanting to withdraw $20, it says not available and I have no choice but to withdraw $50 instead, making my $$$ dry out quick.

People who wear The Beatles T-Shirts without even liking/knowing/listening to the band, or any band for that matter. Liking a band only for their image is just wrong. W-R-O-N-G , wrong!



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