Jul. 26th, 2010 09:43 pm
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It's been months since I posted.

I guess I've finally come to terms with being in a neighborhood JC. But wtf, FASS admission ABB/C? Who am I to compete with the rest of the JC population, the elites?

I believe the only reasons as to why I'm so happy where I am now are as follows:

1) My Classmates
- By far the best class I've ever had, where everyone (almost) is so accepting (especially of my wild behaviour sometimes) and being better with words, able to express ourselves/ understand each other even better.

2) My Subject Combination
- Never once in my life here have I had great troubles completing/keeping up with homework. Workload is relatively low. My only obstacle is my bane of existance - the mandatory Chinese Language, not by choice so I'm not complaining. There is also occasional struggles with Economics, but nothing too much for me to handle.

Also, may I announce that I will be changing paths. Everyone, please give me your fullest support in my attempt to train myself to be a decent hockey player. It is a very daring journey I'm about to embark, and although the excess weight on my body (in other words: fat) isn't a good judgment of my level of fitness (Don't judge a book by its cover. I am, in fact, a /soon to be/ lean mean fighting machine!) I'm very excited and I hope this actually works out well.

Wish me luck!
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