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Jul. 28th, 2010 09:32 pm
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 I absolutely cannot stand the fact that people start bashing the things I like when I choose to remain silent about other people's favourites. The thing is, I really really like Harry Potter and I cannot stand people mocking the series in any way possible. For example, I still can recall this particular person I know who mocked Harry Potter in front of me some time back very very clearly and it really really makes my blood boil thinking of it, the sarcasm she used. In recent years, I have been very patient with people and I chose not to flare up at my aggressor that day. 

Today, a teacher openly expressed his distaste for Lady Gaga (another one of my favourites) during lesson while some of my classmates backed him up, going "ewww, yucks" in the background. Of course, I took offense to that (I have actually told people that I do like her) but just sat there silently, fighting to control my unhappiness. Yes, Lady Gaga may be eccentric but the people making such snide remarks about her do not actually listen to her music/appreciate her appearances as an art form like I do.


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