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 I'm all psyched up to do some intensive studying this holiday.

Somehow, I feel that it's gonna be different from the past 8 years of year-end holidays I've had in my life. This time, I'm really gonna study as planned. Albeit not entirely as planned, I'm sure it'll be rather productive. I have faith in myself!!

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm aiming for top 4% in cohort for my internal school exam results next year. I know it's quite impossible, but aim high, drop low (low as in, by a little bit). Just what it takes to get into UCLA. I am indeed considering an overseas education even though I have no means to do so. It's just an option, I'm keeping all my options open at the moment. 

Before I start studying proper: completion of holiday homework. Sigh, tonnes of Literature to catch up with. Contrary to popular belief, I do not particularly enjoy reading as much as normal people do. I love reading/skimming through newspaper articles and new magazines such as The Economist. However, after all these years, I noticed that I have no patience to sit down, complete reading one proper novel by myself. I even struggle to complete a short story sometimes. I do not know what's with me. I am embarrassed to mention this fact in front of my classmates, typical Arts students who are probably obsessed with reading and would flame/judge me for that. 

Ironically, reading stacks of History notes isn't a great problem. This shows that passion really drives me. 

I wonder if I'll have that much of a passion when I'm exploring my possible career path of becoming a Lawyer. I am down for this Law Programme, apparently quite prestigious! I am psyched. I get to do a week worth's of internship alongside a real lawyer. I wonder why the lawyers involved are willing to waste precious time to entertain/deal with insignificant students like us. I hope they're nice. Even if they're not, I really do hope I either develop a passion for Law, if not start to develop some hatred for this field. Actually, I secretly would prefer the latter because I know it's gonna be tough attempting to enter the Law school in a country like mine and obviously coming from a school like mine. I've never heard of any lawyers originating from my school. I doubt there's any but if I so happen to develop a passion for Law after this programme, let me be the first.

Jam-packed, exciting holiday ahead. Meeting up with people that matter. Discovering myself. Finding my passion. Starting to mould my future by studying hard... Ahh I can't wait! 

Wish me luck, guys! (logically speaking, I doubt anyone's reading.)
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